Wil I Om Story

Late in 2017 Wil-I-Om started to paint his coffee art. It began as a meditative practise on his journey out of suicidal depression and so every piece he painted became his peace of art. When he was walking in the woods he often met foxes who then inspired him for his first drawing. While sitting in a vegan coffee shop the colour of his coffee matched exactly the colour of the fox so he started to paint with the coffee instead of buying expensive art supplies.

Every animal that crossed his path and gave him some energetic healing or a spiritual message he dedicated a painting to honour the gifts the animal had for him.

As an autodidact he never had a lesson in art, drawing or painting. When he gets into the meditative state of painting, he lets source energy flow through him to
channel each peace of art. Later on his journey he started to experiment with different natural colours such as turmeric or beetroot and also used ink for some of his paintings. Some of them he combines with sacred geometry and creates therefore high vibrational spirit animal paintings that already brought a lot of joy and happiness to the people who crossed their paths and adopted them.