Once upon a time there was a fairy queen that fell in love with the spirit of a hawk. Their love was so pure and great, that tho living on two different sides of the veil, they were given one day every year to come together.

On the longest day of the year, the fairy queen appeared through the mists of the morning with the first light of the day. Her now human feet touching the moist grass on the ground, feeling the earth beneath it. Feeling the fresh air on her skin, smelling the scent of nature.


When the sun appeared on the horizon, she heard the call of her beloved and she turned her face towards the sky and the warm golden light of the sun. He has arrived. She reached out for him and when his claws touched her hand, the power of her presence and their love made him a man with soft warm eyes and long hair in the color of his hawk feathers.

For moment they just looked at each other’s eyes before he looked down and kissed her hand gently. Their body’s naturally got pulled towards each other and they started to dance slowly feeling like they would never be able to let each other go again.

As the day went they walked the land, enjoying life through all their human senses. They stopped at a mystical stone circle where their journey should soon end and when the sun went down, they made love under a soft purple pink sky.

When the first stars appeared on the firmament, it was time. She needed to leave and with a last warm embrace and a last look back on her love, she crossed the veil again. The moment she was out of this world, he became a hawk again, for it was their love and her presence that transformed him.

He dwell upon the largest stone where she crossed over as he could still feel her. And with the moon rising he spread his wings and flew back to his kind. And so shall they meet again on the longest day of the year until she would be done with her duty as the fairy queen and some day in the future, she would return not needing go to back again. And she would transform him again and choose a mortal life to be with her beloved till the end of their days on earth.

Photos: Daniela Seefelder
Model: Julia Sieckmann
Inspiration: Daniela Seelfelder & the Dartmoor Spirits
Text: Julia Sieckmann