Tarot & Oracle Readings

We experience life in waves. Everything changes constantly. Sometimes we are riding the wave and sometimes we are just lost in it being pushed and pulled in the water and everythings seems to be more difficult. In these moment we always have the opportunity to grow, to get aware of our own wounds, fears and shadows and to integrate a new behavior a new pattern that is going to make life easier for us.

Sometimes we are able to see those things ourselves, sometimes we need the help of our friends to be able to reflect cause it can be hard to see clearly when we are swept away by emotions like sadness, pain, fear and anger. Sometimes it can be helpful to get new insights and inspiration from someone outside the circle to get more clarity and therefore the power to get out of those waves the best possible way which is always to have learned something from it.

I do love using the oracle and tarot cards for this reason cause its a playful way to connect to our own intuition, our higher self and source energy. Its not so much about predicting the future but to get aware of what it is we can learn in each situation to grow into our true authentic self. Awarness is the key.

Get more clarity about a situation in your life with an oracle or tarot card reading

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