Every place has different energies, different codes. To travel to sacred sites is far more than a touristic thing. We connect with the land, with the energies, with the ancestors, past lifes. We get the codes of the land, vibrations and frequencies within us might be activated but also do we carry our energy into the places and through meditation, singing, smudging or music playing we can raise the vibration of every place and clear the energies to help mama gaia raise her vibration as well.

If you feel the call to visit one of the many sacred sites in britain such as Stonehenge, Avebury, West Kennet or Tintagel we love to create your individual private retreat for you. Just send an eMail to . Also on our list of places to visit are ancient trees, beautiful nature reservoires to watch the sunrise with the birds, different stone circles, abbes, churches and druid sites.