We carry the essence of so many lifetimes within us. Not only from this earth or from lifes as human beings. We are a mix of all kinds of multidimentional energies and each life holds a gift for us. When the time has come in this lifetime for us to remember qualities we had as another being we hear the call of those energies and we feel drawn towards them naturally. To see and feel the energy of another self that you have been (or still are as time doesnt exist so there is no really a “past” life) can help you access the infomations you need and integrate those vibrations and dna upgrades within your human body.

Daniela Seefelders talent is to capture those energies that you carry within and that are now important to you and your life and the right location helps you to get even.n deeper into the mysteries of the forgotten.

For those divine photo shoots we always work in a team to create the best possible experience for you so all you have to do is to relax and be.

Of course you can also book just Daniela for a normal portrait shoot as well if you need photos for your website.

[diopter_service ser_title=”Lady of Avalon Package” ser_subtitle=”Make-up / Hairstyling / 5 Photos”]Make-up & Hairstyling + Photo Shoot / 2 hours / inkl. editing & color grading. For Locations in and around Avalon.

Price: £ 333

[/diopter_service][diopter_service ser_icon=”fa fa-camera” ser_title=”Cerredwen Package” ser_subtitle=”Make-up / Hairstyling / up to 20 Photos”]Make-up & Hairstyling + Photo Shoot / 8 hours / inkl. editing & color grading. This package is perfect if you want to change your Outfits and Make-up & Hairstyling a couple of times or if you want to go to a location that is further away than a 1,5 hours drive. *If you decide to go to a further away location and want just 10 photos, the rate will reduce to £ 999

Price: £ 1111


Reduced: £ 999

*read conditions for reduction.[/diopter_service]

[diopter_service ser_title=”Rhiannon Package” ser_subtitle=”Make-up / Hairstyling / 10 Photos”]Make-up & Hairstyling + Photo Shoot / 4 hours / inkl. editing & color grading. This package is perfect if you want to change your Outfits or Make-up & Hairstyling or if you want to go to a further away location.

Price : £ 633