A couple of years ago I met someone who did a workshop with me. I met her and her husband twice afterwards. They did healing sessions and channeling.

A few weeks ago I received an email to my business email account from her asking for me and if I could contact her. We started a Whatsapp conversation but couldn’t find a date for a phone call which is a lot caused by me not wanting to make phone calls but prefering to communicate through voice messages. As they still channel she said they would have a message from God for me, which I kind of had the feeling like this might be the case. I was now even more interested, especially because I am living in Avalon, Glastonbury since over a year now, the earths heart chakra surrounded by many people who are super connected and channel and my own intuition and abilities have been more developed as well since I am living her. So I wondered why god, source energy, the universe, would deliever an important message through people I barely know and haven’t spoke to in a while rather then through the path of least resistance through the people I am surrounded by.

After around 1,5 weeks without a phone call I received a Whatsapp message of her. I was excited to read it but when I read it, it felt completly off. I already got a strange vibe before that message to be honest, but since I am always questioning everything incl. my own intuition (might has something to do with my lifepath 7^^) I felt like I needed someone to reflect those messages and what I feel back to me. I wanna share my experiences and those messages today with you as a reminder for you and me to always trust your intuition and to be aware of the shadows that can appear on this spiritual path. I am also sharing this cause I know that this message 1,5 years ago would have freaked me completly out because I was very low vibrational, depressive and out of fear and not trusting my own intuition I would have probably turned towards them for help. So if you ever get messages like this, trust the vibe you get from it and if you can’t trust yourself ask someone who is very intuitive and that you feel you can trust.

My reply

I thought with this little “conversation” the whole thing would have been finished till I received another message yesterday:

The conversation continued…

I know I could have probably blocked them earlier which I did after this message, but I also think this was an interestig experience of how the dark side is working through people who genuinely believe they do something good. But fear is never the answer and we all have a free will. God, the universe, our spirit guides, the angels – they do love us unconditionally and would not use this language to get to us. Even if we would refuse to listen to their guidance they would not turn their non physical back at us. Its also interesting to observe the development of things that have been written. In the end of the first letter they wrote “I am supporting you” while in the second one is talking about getting punished by “your own spirit and ME”.

I would really love to know how you feel about this and if you have experienced similar things so thank you for sharing <3


  • Keith

    March 24, 2019

    Omg… your intuition was definitely right with these messages, the days of threats and fear based motivation have past. Clearly your in tune with your divine self and enjoying the fun of creating like a child of the universe!!

    Love you lots… keep on playing like a child, your artwork is beautiful and so is your soul. Xxx


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