Danielas Story

Many years ago I asked the divine what my life purpose is, I received the image of a giraffe. I immediately knew the meaning of this vision.

A giraffes head is in the sky and her feet on the earth, and is therefore a symbol for a channel of the divine energy. I could always easily connect with otherworldly realms, downloading inspirations and informations from it and was then able to manifest it through my creative work. When I was very young, I did not know that I had this gift. I just remember that I sat for hours, perfectly still, at our dining table, following the beautiful pictures that my soul showed me. I delved into a landscape, that looked like this physical plane, with the difference that everything was covered by this amazing glow, that gave every single thing a tremendous intensity!

After all these years, I can still remember how I was starring, in complete disbelieve, at some tiny little flowers! Almost being in shock, about the radiating blue colour that I saw! In this moment I felt the deep desire, to show the beauty of this world also to the people around me, so that they could see what I see. But simultaneously doubting if it is even possible, to somehow portrait this „Other“ world with the means of modern techniques? This thought made me very sad, and since then I developed a passion for technique, always trying to learn new things, so that with every moment I am more capable of bringing this Otherworld alive.

On a bit more mundane level: I was born in Germany, on 03.03. at 13:13 in the sign of Pisces. I studied Digital Filmmaking and Animation and have a Diplom in Stage Acting. I now live in Glastonbury, the Sacred Isle of Avalon and became a Priestess of Cerridwen.

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